Lightarian Clearing

Lightarian Clearing is a series of six unique, simple and effective energetic activations designed to dramatically create extraordinary acceleration along your spiritual path as you prepare yourself for higher levels of service during the coming times. Each attunement is a etheric energetic event which launches a particular form and level of releasing within the chakras the subtle body fields of the recipient. So each “event” (attunement) triggers an etheric releasing process.

The clearing of our energy fields is a vital part of our personal transformation and ascension process. As each of us moves along our spiritual path, the clearing of the chakras and subtle bodies takes place naturally as we experience life, while learning and growing in the process. Lightarian Clearing can increase your rate of clearing and healing while decreasing the struggle and effort involved. As we clear the auric field of old limiting patterns and stored energies, the chakras and subtle bodies can hold and anchor in more light.

Over time, the six Lightarian Clearing Attunements gently and fully release these forms of adverse energies...
Long existing patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and dis-ease; deep-seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages
Limiting belief structures and unresolved soul-level spiritual issues
Adverse patterns sourced by family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other mass-consciousness influences
Undesired implants, attachments, strong behavior patterns and addictions, detrimental past and future life influences

And over time, as adverse energies are cleared, these kinds of experiences begin to show up naturally in your life...
The highest expression of your Divine Self powerfully comes forth as enhanced clearing stimulates the healing of all of your subtle bodies and the physical body as well!
You begin to create a day-to-day experience of more and more conscious choice and one of less and less “automatic” behavior patterns, addictions, doubts, fears and pain!
Higher vibrational energies can flow more freely into your energy fields, allowing the chakras and subtle bodies to “anchor in more light!”
Gifts and talents that were dormant may start to surface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life will be expanded!

There are six levels in Lightarian Clearing. The first level prepares you deeply to receive the remainder of the clearing attunements.

Level 1 - Lightarian Path Clearing
Each individual comes into this lifetime with his own unique “limiting path construct” that defines the boundaries and obstacles for the incarnational experience. Within this construct we generate an extraordinarily complex interwoven fabric of limiting programs, restrictive belief structures and their associated adverse mental, emotional and physical stored energies. The vast majority of all of our adverse etheric patterns are stored in this interwoven fabric or tapestry within our chakras and subtle bodies. To facilitate the clearing work, we use the term “Shadow Tapestry” to define all the adverse energetic elements that block us as we move along our spiritual path. So at level 1 we are simply releasing the “Shadow Tapestry.”

Level 2 - Birth-Pattern Removal

When the fetus emerges from the womb, it carries along with it four mini chakras and the beginnings of four lower subtle bodies...
1 a physical etheric body with its energy center of the 1st chakra,
2 an emotional body with 2nd chakra
3 a mental body with 3rd chakra and
4 the 4th subtle body and 4th chakra where fetal belief structures are stored.

These etheric energy fields bring forward into the new life a variety of strong, deeply ingrained patterns, both of a “positive” and an “adverse” nature. These patterns have been acquired from many sources .... the physical lineage, genetics, tribal belief structures, mass-consciousness emotional and mental patterns, etc. Adverse residues of these earliest of birth-patterns remain in the individual’s lower vibrational fields and are removed with Level 2 Clearing work.

Level 3 - Template Clearing

As adverse etheric patterning is progressively lifted from the individual’s energy fields via the level 1 and level 2 clearing work, a strong level of natural healing will be taking place in the physical body. However, we’ve found through eperience that there are levels of deeply entrenched adverse energy patterns within the physical body, not yet accessed and cleared by Level 1 and 2 work. These patterns require additional special attention to affect a complete clearing, thereby allowing further healing to take place.

Level 3 work focuses on the clearing of these depest of adverse patterns stored in the form of very subtle, yet powerful energies intimately linked to the physical body .. we call it the “Etheric Template for the Physical Body”. These energies form an etheric “double” of the physical body and basically could be viewed as the sum total of all of the tiny auric fields of every cell of the physical body. This is the most fundamental level of non-physical energy patterning we have found that coexists with and is essential to the vitality and very life of the physical body. Lightarian Template Clearing releases the adverse patterns from this etheric “body double.” We call upon the energies of Gaia, Ascended Master Sananda and Ascended Master Buddha to collaborate with us during the level 3 attunement.

Level 4 - Attachment Removal

After further clearing has taken place for the individual, we are able to access the next level of very subtle, thread-like etheric energies to be cleared. These energies appear to spread out from the outermost boundaries of each of our subtle bodies, linking and attaching themselves to the various external physical and etheric patterns and forms that we have interacted with over the years. For simplicity they are called “attachment” energies.

In general, for individuals who have not don a lot of clearing work, these attachment energies can range from thin etheric cords all the way to thick cable-like tentacles. For others, especially those who have done substantial clearing work, they can look like a delicate, residual layer of wispy threads that emerge from your fields and “attach” into the energetic patterns of both the physical and etheric planes. These are removed at Level 4.

Level 5 - Lineage Clearing

At this advanced level, we are able to access a very unusual, very subtle higher vibrational pattern which seems to pervade throughout our fields, even to the highest levels of our spiritual connection back to Source energies. It’s as though all levels of our energies have a very subtle distortion or out-of-balance condition which “colors” their energetic structure. This “distortion” is best described as an adverse belief structure that is held at all of our levels of Self and “colors” our experiences in a particular way. For one individual, an example of this could be “Life is a struggle!” For another person, it may be “I’m not worthy!” The Level 5 Attunement is used to clear this type of adverse energy.

Level 6 - Veil Removal

As we anchor into this plane and create our lives here, each of us has a “point of conscious awareness” that serves as a “witnessing” into this plane of experience. A part of you is in a “witnessing” mode, watching your life unfold - both etherically and physically.

We find that, metaphorically speaking, this “watcher” aspect of you acquires a pair of “rose-colored glasses!” You could refer to it as the “veil”! It’s a little bit of distortion that is present that represents a “veil” over the witness point - like a contact lens with a little distortion or imbalance to it, that creates a lack of clarity as you “see your life”. Through the veil removal technique, we assist in clearing the energy imbalance and enabling you to create a higher level of clarity. The Level 6 work cleans the contact lens.

The Shadow Tapestry is a complex tangle of energetic threads sourced by the adverse programming in the higher chakras. View yourself as an amazingly complex “bio-computer”, and imagine how this adverse programming generates these threads which then extend vibrationally downward into your lower energy fields. Through experience with Lightarian Clearing, we know that these adverse threads create the following type of adverse responses dominantly stored within the lower fields:
Within 4th chakra and Astral Body - Undesired belief structures
Within 3rd chakra and Mental Body - Adverse mental behavior patterns
Within 2nd chakra and Emotional Body - Adverse emotional responses
Within 1st chakra and Physical Etheric Body - Adverse physical patterns

In general terms, all of these adverse patterns within the lower energy fields create the inappropriate, restrictive and debilitating responses in our lives that limit us and hold us back from realizing our true divine potential.

Top Ten List of adverse scenarios found most broadly among Lightworkers. If you find yourself in some or many of the elements on the list, know that you’re not alone.

Lack of Self-compassion Excessive need to withdraw from life
Excessive fear of failure Excessive fear of being controlled
Workaholism Overactive compassion for others
Lack of self-worth Lack of self-trust
Lack of courage Lack of connectedness to others

Some adverse scenarios may impact your overall life, while some of them might only impact your life in certain “arenas”. A given scenario could apply selectively to a particular “arena” where it has ben chosen to play out. For example, to varying degrees and at varying times in one’s life, a particular adverse scenario could be operative in one or more “arenas”, such as your personal inner planes, core family interactions, intimate relationships, friendships, casual social contact or job/career.

As the natural clearing process takes place, some detoxing or cleansing may occur in your life. If it feels overwhelming at any time, or “too much” at a particular time, you can call upon your Higher Self, or upon El Morya or Archangel Raziel to help.

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