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Tom Rigler is a Spiritual teacher and Healer on a journey of the soul, a path that has spanned over 30 years, seeking and loving God, a teacher who is as funny as he is serious. Serious about his Spiritual path and for his Students, fun to share that path with.

Tom has traveled the world teaching, sharing, healing and working with others to open their hearts to God and to heal. Therefore, it is no surprise that Tom is the founder of a system of healing known as Lotusheart, equally, a profound discovery, a culmination of a life's work, born of a passionate heart.

Here, Tom discusses, with Amanda Baker a Kirlian photographer and Healer, the nature of Lotusheart.

Let me introduce you to Tom Rigler, from Maryland USA.

"Tom Rigler is a person who teaches from the heart with Love and compassion, and this I feel is reflected in all of his work, allowing the individual to look within themselves and to not only seek, but to locate that eternal wellspring of love and compassion. Thank you, Tom. Namaste, Julie "Bee" Brett-Bellis." (Angel channel, teacher and healer)

"Tom, What is Lotusheart?"

Lotusheart is the heart of the Lotus that opens inside the heart chakra. I don't think there is necessarily an energy connected to Lotusheart, such as there seems to be with SKHM. It's more that when you open your Lotusheart and make that connection with the Divine, the Divine energy pours back through enhancing whatever energy you work with. If you work with no energy, then your own innate healing abilities get amplified.

"What aspects are there to Lotusheart?"

Lotusheart is an evolving, ongoing process which is continually unfolding to me. The more I work with the Lotusheart, the more I learn about it and learn new things from working with it. My feeling is that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to come as people begin working with and enjoying the benefits of opening more fully to the Divine.

One of the aspects that has manifested is called "Lotusfire." It is similar to the awakening of the Kundalini, but seems to work in slightly different ways. The Lotusfire energy can be used for healing, both personal and for others. It is a Divine spiritual evolutionary energy that works continuously to remove obstacles and limitations from a person's life. As it continues to work with a person, enhanced clairvoyance, as well as personal healing, have been reported. There are a series of three activations for the Lotusfire. This is for serious spiritual seekers only...It works in conjunction with the Lotusheart, but is not necessary in order to do the Lotusheart work.

"How can Lotusheart help me?"

As a tool for healing for opening and cleansing at deep levels, leading to stronger connections. Any energy you work with will be enhanced. More joy and bliss in your life, release of negative emotional content.

Opening the heart not only leads to decreased stress levels and enhanced wellbeing, it also helps to heal deep-seated wounds and limitations that a person has been carrying around, helps to heal emotional issues on a profound level. It brings knowledge of your self, happiness, peacefulness, more centered, release of old obstructions, and negative self images.

"What has occurred for you as the channel of Lotusheart?"

I am continually becoming aware of new things from working with the Lotusheart. My capacity to work with others is greater. I seem to have greater compassion and more understanding of what others are feeling and going through. Inner knowing has increased and I'm amazed on a daily basis at the learning that becomes apparent to me when I need it. It has also helped me through profound emotional, spiritual and physical healing in my own life.

"How does Lotusheart differ from Reiki etc.?"

It's not a system for healing others. You don't receive an attunement to it and then channel the energy. You open the Lotusheart and become a channel for the Divine. It is an opening, an awakening to the Divine. You open to that part of ourselves in which resides the memory of the connection with the Divine.

"How is Lotusheart similar to say SKHM or SSR?"

I feel that SKHM and SSR are both, like Lotusheart, about opening the heart. The methods for opening are vastly different in each system.

"What does Lotusheart feel like?"

Opening the heart can feel many different ways. Generally the feelings are increased openness and awareness. Information you didn't know you knew becomes available, any abilities you already possess become enhanced. There is an in-pouring of Divine energy that begins to cleanse all the old, stagnant held emotional material so that a person may open more deeply to the Divine.

"How will the energy manifest in my life?"

As we are all different and have different needs, it will manifest in everyone’s life in the way they need it. I must admit that this is not always easy, but it will be what a person needs. After all, each person makes their own connection with the Divine in the way that is most beneficial to them. This is not simply about new ways to approach the Divine in the abstract, but rather to work in a way that allows us to integrate God into our being in everything that we do.

"Have you seen evidence of the progression of Lotusheart within a person's healing journey?"

As a person continues to work with Lotusheart, more is continually being revealed. Many people have noted increased awareness, healing very deep, old emotional scars and wounds and enhanced physical healing. As people have learned to work from the Lotusheart, it has amplified their abilities to work with any other energy system. For instance, Reiki practitioners have reported enhanced energy flow and sensitivity as they open the Lotusheart.

"How do you see the evolution of Lotusheart?"

As more people learn to work in this way, it can have a synergistic effect. As each person opens and learns to work from the heart, it lessens the psychic load that we are all faced with. Sometimes the most important thing we will ever do is become involved in our own healing process. Taking responsibility for ourselves in a personal manner releases a lot of energy for others to do the same for themselves.

"What is your vision for Lotusheart?"

To share it with others, and continue to work with it as much as possible.

What is your philosophy as the founder?"

I am totally dedicated to loving God and allowing myself to be open to the flow of Divine energy. I'm committed to working with myself and others in order to open my heart, my Lotusheart and my inner heart; to connect with God, and to work on healing in personal, relational and global ways. As each person opens more fully, the need for fear, greed, hatred and envy begin to disappear. When we recognize the Divine in all, it's much harder to hate someone else.....

"What can I expect from a Lotusheart class?"

After a Lotusheart class, I think it’s safe to say that one can experience a deeper connection with the Divine, and an enhanced and accelerated growth along one’s personal spiritual path.

"How do you teach Lotusheart?"

Lotusheart is taught in a classroom setting, utilizing movement, meditation and deep energy work.

"How many Classes will I need to complete?"

There is no minimum or maximum. Each class builds on the prior class, taking a person deeper and deeper into their own personal healing and connection with the Divine. It’s your choice. You can choose to do one, or many.

"Where have you taught Lotusheart?"

I’ve taught Lotusheart in America, England and Japan. In all locations, it has been well received, and people have responded favorably to the work.

It is said in the Chandogya Upanishads: “in the centre of the castle of Brahmin is a small shrine in the form of a lotus flower, and within can be found a small space, we should find who dwells there and we should want to know him”.

It is also said “he who knows himself, knows God”

A Lotusheart workshop is taught over two days, which will allow the participant to learn to access the Lotusheart for personal healing, increased self-awareness and greater connection with the Divine. Through meditation, movement and opening, this can begin to take place in one’s life in a joyful, blissful way. Join Tom Rigler for healing, learning and growth in this two-day workshop.

Tom is an internationally recognized Reiki Teacher, having taught in Japan, USA, Spain, Canada and England.

Tom has taught Sekhem-Seichim and SKHM since 1998, working directly with Patrick Ziegler and Diane Shrewmaker.

In addition to Reiki and Seichim, Tom has worked with many other energy healing modalities.

He has studied Breathwork and is a Breathwork practitioner, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Crystals for over 30 years, his Crystal work includes a personal crystalline attunement.

Tom was trained in a variation of Jin Shin Jyutsu (acupressure) in 1984 by Bonnie Pendleton. He has also received training in Polarity therapy, Shiatsu and Shamanism. His extensive background, enthusiasm, spirit and inexhaustible energy enrich every class, but more than anything, Tom has a presence that is heart-lead, and in love he moves you to a place of divine beauty.

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