Ethel Lombardi

This is a picture of me at the tender age of 40, receiving my Reiki 1 certificate
from Ethel Lombardi. The location was Baltimore, Maryland, and the date was
April 14, 1983. I was in a class of about 35 people who were signed up for the
morning class. There were an equal number of people who were signed up for
the afternoon or evening class. Ethel would come into Baltimore periodically and
teach Reiki 1 and 2. The Reiki 1 class was four days in duration, three hours a day.

Ethel never made anyone a Reiki Master, to my knowledge. This was one of the last
Reiki classes that Ethel taught. Shortly after this, she stopped teaching Reiki and started
to teach a system that she created, named Mari-El. Mari-EL stood for “Mary, Mother of
God, and EL, one of the names of god.” The energy was very heart based and had three
symbols that were used with it. A symbol for connecting, a power symbol, and a distant symbol...

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