Gendai Reiki

Hiroshi Doi is the creator of Gendai Reiki and the author of Iyashino Gendai Reiki Ho, which means "Modern Reiki Method for Healing". Doi-sensei has chosen this focus for his Reiki teaching and integrates and combines training information and methods from the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (learning society) as well as modern forms of Reiki from Western based teachings.
His book can be ordered from used book dealers these days, and is quite expensive.

In 1998, Rick Rivard, Andy Bowling and I began to correspond over the internet with Yukio Miura, a student of Doi-sensei. Through this connection, we began to hear information that was different from the information we had heretofore been given in relation to the Reiki history, and indeed the practice of Reiki.

Through extensive discussions and no small bit of "Grace" Doi-sensei agreed to come to Vancouver, BC to share and teach some of this information. This led to the formation of URRI, Usui Reiki Ryoho International, as an organization for the sharing of this information. (Thanks, Rick!) Some 67 Reiki Masters from all over the world came together in Vancouver for the workshop, and sharing. Doi-Sensei, Yukio Miura and Yuko Okamoto wonderfully shared and demonstrated this information to all of us fortunate enough to have been there, and the seeds of information about Reiki as practiced in Japan were sown.

In 2000 a URRI conference was held in Kyoto, Japan. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Yukio Miura, Yuko Okamoto and many, many others, it was a rousing success. Again, many Reiki Masters and practitioners from over the globe came together with practitioners and teachers from Japan in the spirit of learning and sharing. Side trips were arranged to Miyama Cho and Mt. Kurama. Both trips were informative and wonderful, shared with new friends and old.

During this trip, Doi-sensei held a "special master training" and many of us were fortunate enough to be in the class and to be initiated and attuned as Gendai Shihan. (Teachers.) This class was translated by Hyakuten Inamoto, helped by Akihiro Uechi and was a very powerful experience for all of us.

We traveled from Kyoto to Ashiya City, where Mr. Doi lives, and had the class in a professional building there. It seems to be a regular thing that there are a number of buildings in Japan that have rooms available to rent and hold classes, business meetings, et cetera. Mr. Doi had rented a room in a building in Ashiya City, and that is where we held the class. The rooms typically have tables, chairs and a blackboard to write on. At a Reiki Share in Kyoto with Yukio and Yuko, we used the tables to lie on, and gave Reiki treatments to all who attended.

Gendai is a simple but effective form of Reiki that joins together the add-ons and techniques developed in Western Reiki with the more original meditations and energy techniques of Reiki during Usui's time. (There is still controversy about whether the information taught in the Gakkai was what Usui taught, or what was taught immediately after his death.) At the least, it is a form of Reiki that pre-existed what was taught in the United States and the Western World by Mrs. Takata. She may have been taught some of this information, and simply not chosen to teach it or pass it on.

In a Gendai class, one will learn several methods for increasing one's own ability to open as a channel to the Reiki energy. In the Gakkai, it was not the case that one received one attunement for each level, and that was it. Rather, one would go to the Gakkai and each time would be given Reiju, an attunement. There were no separate attunements for different levels, one would be given the same Reiju or attunement over and over. As one's sensitivity to energy developed and blossomed, one would be given more information and taught more material.

Gendai, as it is taught today, is taught in four levels; Shoden, beginning level; Okuden, deep inside; Shinpiden, mystery and Gokuikaiden, which leads to Shihan, teacher level.

In the Shoden level, one is given a series of attunements to set up a circuit for the Reiki energy to flow through, and then further purify the channel that is set up. One is also taught the basics of the hand positions for self and others. The instruction also includes techniques for using Reiki in groups, for cleansing and purifying objects, such as crystals, food, et cetera. One is also taught several meditation techniques to cleanse the body and open to the energy, and a meditation for cleansing and opening the chakras.

In Okuden, one is given three attunements, one to each of the symbols that are taught at the second level of Reiki. In Japanese, the symbols are referred to as Focus, Harmony and Connection. Each symbol represents a doorway or connection to a different type of energy. The kotodama or mantra, sound, of the symbol is taught, as well as appropriate ways to use the symbols. Also taught are further techniques for working with another person and with one's self, and a meditation called Hatsureiho, which helps one to enhance your opening to the Reiki energy and which also helps one to grow spiritually.

At the Shinpiden level one is given three more attunements, all to the Master symbol. At this stage one begins to work much more deeply on connection to the higher vibration of the Reiki energy, and also deeper in terms of self healing. The Gendai concepts teach that the purpose of life is to reach true happiness. This was also taught by Usui-sensei. There are techniques taught for self-purifying and self-healing as well as some tradition healing techniques.

At Gokuikaiden, the highest level, one begins the journey as a teacher of Reiki. (Reiki Master or Shihan.) The steps to educate and qualify a Reki Master are taught, as well as deeper understandings of the principles and purposes of Reiki. At this level, one is also taught the procedures for performing the attunement or transformation techniques necessary to teach Reiki to others.

This is a general over-view of Gendai Reiki only. Much more information and understandings flow from becoming a Shihan in the Gendai tradition.

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