Lotusfire Activations with Tom Rigler Results Shown Using Kirlian Photography

Above: A well-balanced energy BEFORE Lotusfire & Lotusheart energy

Below: post-Lotusfire activation and Lotusheart energy

Greater ability to hold more energy higher vibration and greater merging
with Spirit. Open and expansive,present, grounded, inspirational
moment, enlightenment.

A series of three activations that move Lotusfire, an aspect of Kundalini,
through the 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakras, breaking knots through the chakras,
opening, widening and cleansing the shushumna, being able to access
one’s own spiritual evolutionary energy to grow and mature spiritually, 24/7

CL said: “the shift kind of rocked my world

K said: “My heart is in heat looking for communion with itself.’

“I feel as if I have been turned inside out, and things are moving. I’m getting more
intuitive. Issues are coming up to be released, and I’m moving through them.”

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