Lotusfire is a component of Lotusheart and here, Amanda Baker, Intuitive Therapist, Medium and Kirlian Photographer continues the discussion with Tom about Lotusfire and the activations.

What is a Lotusfire Activation?

Activations, by their definition, are initiating actions of something that one possesses. Like Kundalini, Lotusfire is Divine Spiritual Evolutionary Energy that resides within us. Once activated, it works continuously to help us reach our full potential as spiritual beings. It is said that we are not human beings learning to become spiritual, but rather spiritual beings becoming human.. As the Lotusfire flows upward, it cleanses the chakras and begins the process of helping one to learn to live in their heart, by opening, cleansing and healing the heart. It also continues to flow, cleansing and purifying the chakras and helping them to open and bloom more fully.

How many are there?

There are a series of three activations. Not all three need be done. A person can choose to do one, none or all three. This is an action for people who are ready to make a commitment to living more fully and deeply in their lives. It entails being willing to make changes and to heal at a basic level.

What do they do?

Each activation opens and cleanses its associated chakra. The first activation opens and helps release all “stuck” material within that part of our emotional/spiritual body corresponding to the first chakra. The second and third work with the second and third chakras.

The Lotusfire is in two parts: the core of the Lotusfire and the flame of the Lotusfire. At each activation, the core of the Lotusfire is moved through the corresponding chakra. The flame of the Lotusfire is opened and flows from the base of the spine through the crown chakra. The central column that exists within all of us is called the shushumna. As the Lotusfire continues to flow through this column, it cleanses all the chakras from the base to the crown, and also widens the shushumna to allow for a greater flow of Divine energy through the column.

How does it feel?

The activations vary from person to person and depend entirely on where a person is in terms of working on life issues and challenges. It can range from being extremely blissful and exhilarating, to bringing up repressed emotional issues that have not been dealt with. Some things that we have repressed can feel emotionally painful as we work through the issues and release them. The offsetting factor is the spaciousness and openness one can feel after releasing old blockages and limitations.

How can I expect my life to change as a result of receiving these activations?

Committing to greater growth in one’s life is an act of learning to love more deeply, not only others, but also ourselves. There is a saying that “Love brings up anything unlike itself.” As we love ourselves more, as we open to a greater flow of energy in our lives, the energy begins to work on those repressed emotional states, blockages and limitations in our lives. Every part of us that feels unloved kind of stands up in the back of the room, raises its hand and says, “what about me?”

What are the benefits?

As we learn to become more open and loving in our lives, our relationship with ourselves and relationships with others become much more available and blissful. Physical healing can occur at the level of our deepest desires. It’s not a magic wand, but a tool that helps us to grow and open in the ways we want. As we release old, stagnant material from the past, we need no longer use energy to keep that repressed. As a result there is more energy on a physical as well as spiritual and emotional level for whatever we want to do in our lives. We no longer need to “hold the lid” down on our aliveness. In addition, Lotusfire becomes a healing force that not only works in healing our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, but literally becomes an energy that flows out of our hands and hearts. It can be used to work with others, much in the same way of Reiki, Seichim and other energy modalities.

Is there anything comparable to the activations that you know off?

Kundalini awakenings are very similar, although there are some differences.

It is known, that a Kundalini awakening, can sometimes be dangerous and carries certain risks, is this true of Lotus fire activations?

No, the Lotusfire activation is completely safe. The only caveat connected with the opening is the possibility of emotional pain in dealing with stuck emotional states as they are recognized, dealt with and released.

How do you perform these activations?

The activations are performed through a series of guided meditations, prayers and deep internal work.

Is it possible to do them by distance?

Yes, the effect is the same whether they are done in person, or over the phone or received while one meditates or sleeps at a prescribed time. If one is awake and "tuned in" while the work is being performed, you can be aware of changes occuring in the body/mind.

Have you ever worked on animals, with Lotusfire?

I’ve actually done a Lotusfire activation with horses, at the owner’s request, and with the permission of the horse. The owner is a pet communicator. She tells me that the horse is much more available and open after the activation. More able to tell its owner what its needs are.

How do you see Lotusfire, the energy, what is the imagery?

Different imagery works for different people. Many people literally visualize flames going up through the central column from the base to the crown. The core of the Lotusfire is more solid, like a fiery central core of something. Lotusfire came into being for me as a result of working with the Lotusheart. Consequently, the view from the heart is rather dramatic and beautiful. One of the only pictures that I have seen that actually looks similar to what I have seen or visualized is work done by a graphic artist named Rick King. Absolutely stunning.

Do you perform these activations at your workshops?

When I do these activations in a group setting, I work with each person as they need it, and answer any questions as they arise in the moment. This is not quite the same as performing Reiki attunements for a group of people. Because of the sacredness of the process, I have chosen to honor not only each individual, but also the Divine by keeping these more personal.

Are they given individually or in groups?

Individually and if it is a group setting, each person receives individual activations.

Is there a pre-requisite for the lotusfire activations?

A sincere desire and commitment to living one’s life more fully and openly, more totally connected to the Divine. These activations are not meant for people who are experiencing states of mental illness. They can be very healing, but they also require a person to be able to process and work with the resulting changes in a stable and grounded way.

Here are comments by others about the activations.

  • “I had thought I couldn’t love in the same way that other people did. After the Activation, I had the insight that not only was I capable of loving others, I was capable of loving myself and being loved by others at a vastly deeper level than I ever felt before, it was like the dawning of a new day in my life” NB.

And here is what
JS said, a Master student of Tom Rigler…..

  • “Energy wise, I have been on fire. I’m having a lot of activity in my crown, a glowing like embers in all of my eyes and my heart remains comfortably warm: when I touch my hands to my heart it gets hot and my chest has a circular area that looks like mild sunburn. My hands stay hot and tingle and I can really feel their heat when I hold them close to my body. My face looks flushed. I’m having wonderful insights and ‘revelations’ pretty constantly in comfortable realization of my spaciousness. There is a lot more.

  • I think the Reiki I am channeling is strong and effective, or so people say, and so I feel.
  • It is very hot.

  • K said, "My heart is in heat looking for communion with myself."

  • HR reported, "I heard what you said when you described the activations, but I didn't really believe what you were saying. It was a shock to realize that the changes were really that deep, powerful and immediate."

As a Kirlian Photographer, I have been privileged to chronicle some of the Lotusheart and Lotusfire journey and the photographs that have been taken over a period of time with various participants show an amazing healing progression, they demonstrate the Lotusfire energy and the changes that are taking place for individuals. I myself have received the Activations and have experienced a profound healing in my life.

Lotusfire Activations can be done distantly as well as in person. Each activation takes approximately one hour to complete. If you are interested in experiencing an activation, email lotus@lotusheart.us to schedule .

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