Lotusheart Weekend, June 6-7, 2015
with Tom Rigler
Towson, MD


It is said in the Chandogya Upanishads: “In the centre of the castle of Brahmin is a small shrine in the form of a lotus flower, and within can be found a small space. We should find who dwells there and we should want to know him.” It is also said,
“he who knows himself, knows God.”

Tom Rigler is an international spiritual teacher whose areas of expertise include Reiki, SKHM, breathwork, crystals, and many more. His 30+ years of experience, together with his unique ability to serve as a catalyst for healing, make him a sought-after teacher and mentor.

Tom is also the founder of his own system of healing called Lotusheart. Inspired by the lotus blossom - which can grow anywhere, even in mud - this is the way of the heart, a path to a life of healing and growth that leads to lasting change. A Lotusheart class is an experience that takes you into that sacred part of yourself where love, light and joy make all things possible.

Tom has taught Lotusheart in the U.S., England and Japan, where it has been universally well-received. Lotusheart includes breathwork, meditation, and deep energy work, shared in a group setting. A wonderful synergy occurs among participants as Tom facilitates the workshop in an atmosphere of safety and trust.

Sometimes the most important thing we will ever do is become involved in
our own healing process.

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